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Black Straw Grids for the Vivitar 285HV « Modify Your Flash
Rat's "Look But Don't Touch" Music Collection
Rat's Tortoise Shell Buttons In Photoshop
Rat's Setup For The Pronto NG Universal Remote
Rat's Setup For The ProntoPro NG Universal Remote
The Pokémon & Pokéblock Cheat Sheet
69 Actual Porno Titles From The IMDB
Gala Happy Force Quake Clan Website (Unfinished)

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01Dumber (Brak Attack Mix)  2:12
02Dynchope (Loop)  0:19
03Bun Burger Bun (World's Biggest Burger Mix)  4:44
04Infectious (Loop)  0:36
05Rynchope (Simple Beans Mix)  1:11
06Synchope (Loop)  0:38
07Machmix 1993 (More Machines Than Ever)  2:01

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Apocamon: The Final Judgement » Electric Sheep Comix
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The Institute Of Official Cheer
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