Rat's Tortoise Shell Buttons In Photoshop
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Wicked Sweet Buttons In Only 11 Simple Steps

Creating a huge variety of buttons in Photoshop is easy, if you know how to combine a few simple techniques. In this tutorial I'm going to demonstrate the steps needed to create a tortoise shell look for your buttons, but with a little tweak here and there, these steps can be used almost verbatim to generate many different styles to suit your needs. Changing the button's base color was all it took to create the variety you see to the left! So don't just follow my instructions to the letter... play with each effect a bit as you add it, and see what you can come up with!

Most of the examples in this tutorial are shown at 200% of their original scale, making it a bit easier to see what each change entails. I've also included the Photoshop file I used to create this tutorial, in case you want to copy and shapes, colors, and styles from it directly when working on your own example. Grab it here!

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