Here's a bunch of real porno titles that my former officemates at Blizzard North and I scoured from the Internet Movie Database. We determinedly slogged through every last adult film listed at the time, and after we had culled all but the ones that made us laugh the loudest, we wound up with a coincidental but quite fitting 69. Some of these titles had us crying... you can do the experiment yourself! See how many you can read aloud to friends before you all completely lose it. Perhaps my friends and I are unusually juvenile, but we were almost falling out of our chairs! I hate to think of how daunting this task would be to repeat today, with over 18,000 pornos listed as of this update!

Make sure you log in to the IMDB and enable adult content in your user profile, or I can't guarantee that the links below will work. For those who haven't registered, you should be able to enjoy these titles anyway, regardless of your ability to verify their authenticity with a single click.

Read on, and be amazed!
10,000 Anal Maniacs 2
Abducted By The Enema Bandit
Adventures Of The Fart Bitches
Ali Boobie & The 40 D's
All Hands On Dick
Anal Arsenal
Anal Intruder 5: The Final Outrage
Anal Trashy Ass
Anus & Andy
Anus The Menace
Ass Ventura: Crack Detective
Attack Of The Monster Mammaries
Banana Slits
Battle Of The Ultra Milkmaids
Beyond The Valley Of The Ultra Milkmaids
Big Busty 41: Hardcore Plumpers
Bonfire Of The Panties
Buttman's British Moderately Big Tit Adventure
Chug-A-Lug Girls 3
The Clam Fairy
Dial A For Anal
Dirty Little Ass Slut
DP2: The Mighty Fhucks
Fatal Erection
Flash Pants
Gang Bang Face Bath
Genital Hospital
Girl Scout Cookies
The Good The Bad And The D-Cups
Harness Hannah At The Strap-On Ho Down
Hey My Sister Is A Whore
Honey I Blew Everybody
I Can't Believe I Did The Whole Team!
I Love Juicy
In The Can With OJ
Infamous Crimes Against Nature
Interview With A Vibrator
Lesbian Co-Ed Watersports
Moore! Moore! Moore!: An Anal Explosion
Nightmare On Lesbian Street
One Million Years DD
The Poonies
Poop Dreams
Real Men Do Eat Keisha
Rectal Rodeo
Revenge Of The Pussy Suckers From Mars
The Search For Pink October
The Sex Lives Of Clowns
Sgt Peckers Lonely Hearts Club Gang Bang
The She-Male Who Stole Christmas
Sheepless In Montana
Single White Shemale
Slammin' Granny In The Fanny
Sodomania: Slop Shots 2
The Sweet Sweet Back 2: Double Thaanng Dat Black Hole
Tampon Tango
That's My Daughter
Tijuana Toilet Tramps
Toothless People
The Unaboner
Unlike A Virgin
Washington D.P.
What's A Nice Girl Like You Doing In An Anal Movie?
What's The Lesbian Doing In My Pirate Movie?
Whore Of The Worlds
Wild Assed Pooper Slut
Willie Wanker At The Fudge Packing Factory
You've Had Worse Things In Your Mouth